September 2, 2014

The quest for perfect pesto


by Sandy Johnson I have the perfect recipe for pesto. It came, quite insistently, from my friend Don. We were friends for 29 years: two generations of journalists working for The Associated Press in Washington. After a chance collaboration when the Soviets shot down a civilian Korean airliner in 1983, Don pretty much adopted me […]


Going to the Fair


by Martina White This weekend I went to the DC State Fair, which was appropriately urban, as state fairs go.  Oh, there were farm animals and funnel cakes, candy apples and canning demonstrations.  But this being DC (not even technically a state), there were also artisanal teas, a trapeze artist, gourmet food trucks, and green initiatives […]


Tomato fatigue? Try this soup!

Tomato soup 2

by Amy Saltzman I’m still getting a bag of tomatoes every week in my CSA.  Now, this may be heresy, but I have tomato fatigue.  I’ve canned them, I’ve turned them into spaghetti sauce, I’ve made caprese salads, and I’ve tossed them into sandwiches, omelets, and whatever else I’m cooking.  I know, I know, I’ll […]


Pickled Peppers

Pickled peppers 2

by Amy Saltzman I came home from vacation recently to discover that my jalapeno pepper plant had gone into overdrive.  My garden struggled through the summer, but seems to have taken nicely to slightly cooler weather.  After foisting peppers off on every friend I have, I decided I had to figure out a way to […]


A farmers market on the ocean


by Sandy Johnson At the corner of Ocean and Arizona streets, as waves from the Pacific crashed to the shore below us, my sister Sara and I turned to our left. We stopped dead in our tracks and fell uncharacteristically silent. Behold, the magnificence of the Santa Monica Farmers Market. We slowly walked its length, […]


How to eat like a king whilst camping


by Whitney Pipkin Oh, the Great Outdoors. Something about being outside makes me… hungry. And I think I’m not alone, seeing as our party of a dozen folks and a baby had exchanged almost 50 emails Re: “What shall we eat?” before we embarked on our trip to Shenandoah National Park this past weekend. As […]


Will the Media Ever “Get” the Organic Food Movement?

I accompanied these young farmers on a recent farm tour, and not once did I notice anyone texting their girl or boyfriend. 2 hours, over 40 twenty-somethings, and not a single text message! Hope remains for our future.

by Forrest Pritchard I opened my computer browser early Tuesday morning to the following headline: “Startling Results of Organic Food Study”. Oh, great, I said to myself, sighing deeply and taking another sip of tea. Here we go. As a sustainable farmer with a legion of farming friend peers, I can assure you that ‘startling’ […]


Chopped at home: How to avoid going to the grocery store…again


by Whitney Pipkin It was Monday night. We were recovering from a long Labor Day weekend that involved far too much consumption of free food and a little bit of manual labor. As much as I didn’t feel like cooking, I felt even less like going to the grocery store — again. I had just gone […]


My Summer Romance with Juliet

A cluster of Juliets

by Sandy Johnson I was drawn by her name. Juliet. A flirty name for a tomato, especially compared with he-man varietals like German Johnson or Beefmaster or Big Boy. I had grown tired of straight-up grape tomatoes and didn’t want a cherry (so 1980s) so I took a chance. And swooned for Juliet. Is it […]




by Amy Saltzman This week, I’m taking time off from writing about my CSA to write about my garden.  It’s not much – a raised bed made of a converted IKEA TV stand and several planters are all my tiny yard can fit.  It’s been a mixed harvest so far; my tomatoes have stubbornly refused […]